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ABE qualifications are accepted worldwide by employers in a wide range of occupations as many senior managers themselves hold ABE qualifications. Holders of professional qualifications earn more during their career through being more skilled and thus more marketable as a result.

Over 80 universities worldwide accept ABE qualifications for entry at different stages. ABE Level 4 Diplomas are accepted for entry to the first year of related UK Bachelor degrees (and the equivalent stages in other countries). ABE Level 5 Diplomas enable you to start your degree in the second year, Level 6 Diplomas in the final year, and the Level 7 Diploma is accepted towards MBA or Masters degree level courses. It is usually much quicker and cheaper to take an ABE qualification, and then go to university in the second or third year rather than taking a three or four year university course.

At Capital College UK, we teach a range of ABE Diploma courses from Level 4 up to the postgraduate Level 7. For more information concerning the various courses please click the relevant links to the left.

For further information covering ABE Diploma courses please visit the ABE website here.

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