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ABE Diploma in Business Management Courses

Successful organisations, whether large or small, are well managed. The development of management skills within an organisation is an essential part of continued business growth.

ABE’s Business Management programme is a comprehensive and detailed programme which covers the knowledge and skills required in modern business practice. The programme will provide you with an appreciation of the theoretical issues involved in the study of business whilst also helping you to develop a range of practical skills which will enhance your value to employers. Major topics covered in the Business Management programme include management, marketing, economics and accounting.

Career Opportunities

The positions below are examples of jobs currently held by ABE Business Management qualification holders. The list is not exhaustive as ABE qualifications are applicable to a wide range of vocations.

  • Level 4 Diploma in Business Management – Administration or Accounts Assistant
  • Level 5 Diploma in Business Management – Management Trainee or Supervisor
  • Level 6 Diploma in Business Management – Office Manager or General Manager

Programme structure

The Business Management programme from Level 4 comprises two pathways:

  1. Business Management pathway
  2. Business Management with a Financial Focus pathway

The pathways are split into three levels: Level 4 Diploma, Level 5 Diploma and Level 6 Diploma.

There is also a postgraduate level – the ABE Level 7 Diploma in Business Management.

At Capital College UK we teach all levels of ABE Diploma in Business Management ranging from Level 4 up to the Level 7.

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