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Complaints / Grievance Procedure

1.    Preamble

1.1    This procedure applies to all students and staff at Capital College UK.  It’s aim is to help resolve individual grievances as fairly and speedily as possible.

1.2    Management is responsible for ensuring that the matter is passed quickly to the person or persons best able to deal with the grievance.  Grievances will be solved at the earliest possible stage in the procedure.  Some grievances may nevertheless be difficult to resolve quickly.

1.3    A grievance arising during the course of disciplinary action should be dealt with as part of the appeal process within the disciplinary procedure.

2.    Stage 1

2.1    All grievances arising at work will be raised initially with the responsible manager/supervisor.  If the grievance is against the responsible manager/supervisor, the matter may be referred to a more Senior Manager.

2.2    The responsible manager/supervisor will reply orally as soon as possible and in any case within 5 working days.

2.3    If the member of staff or student is not satisfied with the reply he/she may consult a member of the Senior Management Team and any appropriate staff representative with a view to taking advice and, if agreed, re-opening the discussions with the responsible manager/supervisor.

2.4  If the complainant remains dissatisfied, the grievance may progress to Stage 2

3.      Stage 2

3.1    A grievance unresolved at Stage 1 will be dealt with by the designated member to deal with such grievances within the Senior Management Team who will consider the grievance as soon as possible and in any case within 10 working days.

3.2    If the complaint is against a member of the Senior Management Team, other than the Principal/Managing Director the matter will be referred to the Principal/Managing Director.

4.      Stage 3

4.1    A grievance unresolved at Stage 2 may be submitted in writing to the Principal/Managing Director within 10 working days.

4.2    The Principal/Managing Director will deal with the grievance within 15 working days of receiving the complainant’s written communication.

4.3    Having considered the grievance, the Principal/Managing Director will communicate the decision in writing to both parties.

4.4    The decision of the Principal/Managing Director will be final.

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