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Student Handbook

CAPITAL COLLEGE UK is committed to developing and promoting a set of core values, relevant to our mission to provide high quality learning opportunities for students.

CAPITAL COLLEGE UK will provide timely and accurate information on individual students to employers or others providing sponsorship.

CAPITAL COLLEGE UK will require all it’s employees to adhere to its Code of Conduct for staff.

  • Credibility: Our courses will be provided by senior lecturers with close links to popular professional bodies, the majority of those lecturers being examiners for the professional bodies.
  • Flexibility: We offer a wide range of courses in a number of professional qualifications, combined with our “one stop shop” of personal development programmes. Our smaller class sizes allow for greater one-to-one interaction between lecturers and students.
  • Value for Money: We have a firm commitment to keeping our tuition fees well below those found at Universities and competing commercial tuition providers. International students seek and anticipate value for money. CAPITAL COLLEGE’s combination of lower fees and lower cost location will no doubt, appeal to both international and home students.
  • Innovation: Our premises are fully furnished with latest technology and state-of-the-art educational methods.
  • Business Focus: CAPITAL COLLEGE UK offers an environment of study that reflects the real business world. We aim to truly prepare our students for the real business world, making them more employable and eligible for promotion.
  • Quality Service: Our focus is on providing a high level of service from which our students will, no doubt, benefit. Your enquiries will be handled promptly, registration for courses will be seamless and course provision will be readily adaptable to meet students’ requirements.

All students of the College have a right to good service. The College is continuously improving the quality of the services offered and have set up mechanisms to ensure quality in all our activities especially in the areas of:

    • Equal Opportunities and Diversity
    • Information provided to students and external parties. Download our prospectus for details
    • Teaching and Learning within the College. See our list of courses available
    • Support provided to our students
    • Confidentiality and approachable staff, receptive to feedback and complaints
    • Providing regular updates and feedback to our students

CAPITAL COLLEGE UK is a non-residential campus Institution. This means that we do not provide accommodation on our campus but we liaise with reputable Estate Agents to assist our students who require accommodation to secure suitable places either on a temporary or permanent basis.

The choices of accommodation include:

  • Lodgings (sharing with the owner/owners of a private house).
  • Flats and Bed-sits (shared common facility) in the private market.
  • Private hostels for youths.

Living Costs

It is estimated that renting a room in London will cost approximately £300 a month (£3,600 for a full year). An estimated cost of meeting the basic living expenses such as accommodation costs, food, daily travel, books and equipment and other necessities is in the range of £700 to £1,200 per month, depending on your taste and preferences. This figure is given as a guide only.

The following breakdown of costs is designed to give some indication of how this figure is arrived at. Do not forget to include the cost for the type of accommodation you have decided upon:


The cost per week of food based on a western-style breakfast, hot evening meal and weekend meals, plus mid-day meals while at the College is likely to be approximately £30 – £50 per week.

Heating and Lighting:

If you choose to live in private rented accommodation, the cost of heating will most likely not be included in your rent. Britain is cold during the autumn and winter months (i.e. October – May).

Students from hot countries may need heating for as long as 9 months in the year. Cheaper rented accommodation does not usually have central heating and gas or electric fires provided and can be expensive. It is advisable to allow a minimum of £20 – £40 per month, depending on the season, towards heating the residence.

Books and Equipment:

The cost of books varies for different courses and continues to rise, the average figure for one year being £300. Students are advised to check with the College to find out the extra costs anticipated.

Second-hand books can often be bought from current students on arrival in CAPITAL COLLEGE UK. It is also useful to search online, as there is a good chance your book can be bought at a discounted price. Stationery and photocopying are extra costs for which allowances should be made.

Warm Clothes:

Like the rest of Britain, London’s climate is largely unpredictable. However, it tends to be milder than other parts of England. Generally, the summer (June to early September) is warm, though rarely hot. The rest of the year is cooler and tends to be damp.

The winter months (December to early March) are usually cold and frosty, although temperatures rarely fall below freezing for long periods. If you come from a very different climate, it may be cheaper to buy suitable clothes when you arrive in the UK.

The average figure for warm clothes, for one year, is £550. Dress in Britain, especially at the College, is mostly informal.

It will usually be made clear to you when you are invited to an occasion, that the occasion may demand something more formal or smart – if in doubt, just ask the organisers of the occasion. You may want to bring your national dress to wear on special occasions.

Other Costs:

To cover such items as launderette and dry-cleaning, personal hygiene items and household articles and postage stamps, you will need approximately £30 per month.


You will also need some money to follow interests beyond your academic studies. Even the most studious need time to relax and unwind.

The following is a guide on how much the items listed below might cost you…

Daily Newspaper  50p +,  Cigarettes (pack of 20)  £4.20 +,   Paperback books  £5.99 (new. second hand can be much cheaper) +,  Cup of coffee  £1.50 +,  Cup of tea  £1.00+,  Magazines  £2.50 +,  Soft drinks (can)  70 pence +,  Glass of wine  £2.00, + Beer (pint) £2.00 +

The cost of an evening out will vary. There is a wide range of places and prices in London and the surrounding area, and a large variety of places to eat out…

Restaurant lunch  £6.00 +,  Restaurant dinner  £10.00 +,  Restaurant Take Away  £8.00 +,  Cinema  £7.00 +,  Theatre  £10.00 +,  Concert £10.00 +

At CAPITAL COLLEGE UK we strongly believe that every student should experience a fulfilled education. With this in mind, we have put a number of policies together so that you, as the student, can build your future in the best environment possible.

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