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Quality Assurance Policy

CAPITAL COLLEGE UK is committed to the establishment and enhancement of high academic standards. Our quality assurance and enhancement are guided by the conviction that high academic standards are best promoted and achieved by a positive, self-critical and supportive environment in which all the members of the institution accept ownership of those standards and in which responsibility for the assurance of quality is devolved to and exercised by those individuals and bodies best placed to effect them.

In implementing its policy, CAPITAL COLLEGE UK will endeavour to ensure that: Our systems and procedures meet high transparent, efficient, reliable and responsive standards. Our educational provision, supporting systems and procedures will be subject to monitoring and evaluation in a commitment to continuous improvement.

Whenever appropriate and practicable, procedures and educational provision will be informed by the views of our students and other ‘stakeholders’ and by independent peer review. Learning and teaching activities and the commitment to quality assurance and enhancement will be supported by relevant and comprehensive provision for educational and staff development.

The commitment to high quality provision and standards of service will be supported by transparent and accessible procedures for professional appeal and grievance and their resolution. Full recognition is taken of external quality reference points, such as the Quality Assurance Agency’s (QAA) Framework for Higher Education Qualifications, Code of Practice, Benchmark Statements, and Handbooks for Institutional Audit and, as appropriate, standards required by Professional, Statutory or Regulatory Bodies.

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